Wednesday, 20 September 2017





Recently Danny and I visited one of our favorite cities - LA! We love going to LA because the weather is always beautiful and it's only a 2 hour plane ride away. It also has some of the most instagrammable spots I can think of because let's be real - we do it for the gram. 

When we go to LA we always prefer to stay in West Hollywood. It's super close to everything (our most expensive uber was $17) and it homes some of our favorite spots. We stayed at The Carlyle Inn which is located right on Robertson BLVD and a 20 minute walk or $5 uber ride away from hot spots like Alfred Tea, Gracias Madre, Catch, etc. etc. We absolutely LOVED the location but also the hotel in general. It has a gorgeous black and white striped court yard (did I mention doing it for the gram yet?), with sun chairs and adorable umbrellas for enjoying the California sun. We were also pleasantly surprised to learn it came with complimentary breakfast and wait for it.. COMPLEMENTARY HAPPY HOUR!! Sorry for yelling but I seriously couldn't believe that last one. We definitely took advantage of both! The breakfast was awesome because we would get ready, grab a quick bite downstairs, and head out site seeing. And it wasn't all muffins and bagels like some comp'd breakfasts can be - I'm talking eggs, hashbrowns, waffles, sausages - you name it! We also grabbed a few happy hour bevs one night before heading out to dinner - it was the perfect way to start our night in LA! 

The whole hotel was stunning and with gorgeous attention to detail in each room - definitely our new go-to hotel when in LA.


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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Last weekend Danny and I got together with some of our favorite people to have a good old fashioned barbecue and watch the fights (let's be honest the fight was just background noise while I caught up with my girlfriends). Lately Danny and I have been talking a lot about how important it is that we both make time to see our friends. With life being as crazy as it is, we can sometimes put our friends on the back burner, and that's 1. not cool, and 2. not healthy. It's super important for both of us to have balance both within our own lives and our marriage. We talked about making our friends more of a priority and making time to see and connect with them. When our good friends asked us to come over for a BBQ we obviously cleared our schedules! What better way to reconnect with friends than over some cold bevs. I'm always torn with what to bring to a get together but thought Smirnoff Ice would be an easy crowd pleaser. Especially the NEW Smirnoff Ice Party Packs - four flavours and in cans to make for the perfect ready to drink bev for long weekend BBQs and lawn games.

We spent the day playing croquet until the sun went down then moved the party inside to watch some of the pre-matches and of course the main event. We ended up staying there until 2AM listening to throwback tunes and dancing the night away. All of our friends rolled in as the night went on - so much fun. We haven't all hung out in so long so it was awesome to see everyone. We of course woke up super tired and poor Danny had to work the next day but it was worth it - now we have the memories of spending the fight of the century with our favourite people. 

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Just over one week ago, I did something that I have been thinking about and wanting to do for some time now - I got under eye filler. My under eye lines and discolouration have always been a big issue for me and have always been a major source of self consciousness. And the thing is, it's not like this is something new, I have always had eye bags. I remember going to the doctor when I was little and him asking my mother if I was there for my eye bags.. that day has stuck with me ever since and that was when I was about 6 or 7. Since then, I have tried pretty much everything to hide them - expensive eye creams, roll on treatments, concealers, you name it. Finally a couple years ago, after doing some research, I found out there was such thing as under eye filler that helps with correcting this issue. I had gone for a consultation last year to have this done but at the end of the day I chickened out. I recently visited The Vanity Lab for a microderm abrasion treatment, and decided to bring up the issue again with them. After talking with Dr. Jalali he was super informative, and was able to answer all of my questions and concerns, so I felt comfortable enough to go ahead.


When I posted on instagram stories the day of the treatment, I could not believe how many messages I got from women who are suffering from the same thing. Whether it was dark circles or deep tear troughs, question after question came rolling in. It was crazy yet almost comforting knowing I'm not the only one and it makes me so happy to be able to share my experience and bring a bit of light to an otherwise shadowed topic. I wanted to share with you some of the most frequently asked questions I received and if there is anything I've missed or if there are any other questions I can answer please feel free to shoot me an email and I would be more than happy to help!

I went to the Vanity Lab in Yaletown, Vancouver which I would highly recommend. Dr. Jalali is all about keeping things natural and highlighting your natural beauty. He was also super informative and ensured I was comfortable and confident going ahead with the procedure.

No! Dr. Jalali applies a topical numbing cream to where the initial prick will happen, you will feel the tiniest pinch initially. He then uses not a needle but a thin titanium cannula to go through the initial hole and fill the area. It definitely does not hurt, it's just a little strange knowing there's a tube inside your face!

They use a filler called Teosyal which is a bit of a more expensive option however it is the smoothest you can get and the best option for such a sensitive area like the under eye. 

It can last anywhere from 7-9 months depending on how fast your body metabolizes the filler. For example, people that work out often, their bodies will metabolize the product a bit faster. So no problems here! lol

Yes! I noticed an immediate difference, but for some even darker circles they will fade overtime. 

Depending on how much filler is needed you can purchase half a vile or a full vile. Half a vile is $349 plus tax, and a full vile is $649 plus tax. I did a full vile but there was a bit left over, so they will keep it in the fridge for me until I come back for my check up and if I need a bit more they will use that. You can also do the full vile and save it for your next treatment. 

No! Right before getting it done I was talking with one of my girlfriends who has experience with lip fillers - she warned me that I will experience some bruising and to cancel plans for that day and the next day. However, I had not one single bruise, I even had people over that night with no problem!

1000% yes. Honestly this treatment has changed my life. The way I feel about my skin and the comfort I now feel without wearing makeup is amazing. The day I got it done, I came home and was looking in the mirror and could have cried I was so happy. It is a subtle difference, not a super drastic change, it simply makes me look and feel fresh faced, and beautiful. There's no better way to put it. 

I used to always have to use a photo smoother to smooth my under eyes in photos, but not anymore. The photo below is with absolutely no editing of my under eyes.

I cannot thank The Vanity Lab and Dr. Jalali enough for their amazing service and expertise. 



Friday, 25 August 2017

Skirt: c/o Le Château | Sweater: c/o Le Château - ON SALE and I wear it ALL the time | Bag: c/o Le Château | Shoes: c/o Elpidio Trading

The end of summer is so bittersweet isn't it? It's sad that those care-free summer nights and days where you never take your bathing suit off are coming to a close, however, I'm so basic LOL and love everything Fall! Definitely ready to get into all the suedes, knits, and over the knee boots and pump my veins full of PSLs. I recently picked up this stunning suede skirt from Le Château and I know it will become a fall staple - so cute with a slouchy knit tucked in the front. This sweater, also from Le Château just went on sale! I seriously wear mine all the time because I love the feel and the fit. So as bittersweet as it is to see those leaves start to Fall, I'm ready to embrace the Basic B that I am and step into the Autumn season in style. 


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Sunday, 20 August 2017

This past week I visited Brush Salon to give my hair a little jeuge-jeuge. Usually when I'm shooting blog content or when I'm going out I add clip in hair extensions to give my hair a bit of extra volume and length. I had been thinking a lot lately around getting something a bit more permanent to save me that extra step in getting ready each day. I of course went to my forever go-to salon Brush to have this done because they are the absolute best and always know what's best for my hair. When I first had them put in my IG DM was flooded with questions from women wanting to know more so I wanted to put together a little FAQ and sort of debunk any hair extension myths for anyone interested in getting them done! Also, if you are planning on taking the leap into the fabulous world of long luscious locks, I would highly recommend going to Brush as I always do - they take hair very seriously and will only do what is best for you, plus they use the absolute best products to ensure you are well taken care of.


These are tape-in extensions. There are quite a few different kinds of extensions but tape-ins are supposed to be the best option and allow for no damage to the natural hair. I had always heard of tape-in extensions, but I never realized that they were straight up TAPED IN. It was bizarre to find that out! They legit peel the hair off a sticker and tape it into your head! Having the hair on a strip allows the stress of brushing/pulling to be on a long strip of hair vs. say when you get clamped in hair extensions where it's clamped to such a small section you can risk pulling it right out. 


These will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. The hair itself will last up to a year with proper care, you would just need to have them re-taped about every 6-8 weeks.


No. This is one of the BIGGEST myths of hair extensions - even for myself. I always thought I needed to stay far far away because my natural hair is a bit damaged as it is and I never wanted to risk any further damage from getting hair extensions. Now, don't get me wrong, when I was younger, my older sister got sort of a glue/clamp hybrid type hair extension done, and yes, those were damaging as they are straight up glued onto little sections of your hair!!! I remember her pulling little chunks out as they came loose/broke off - YIKES!! However, again, these are tape-ins - they are the best on the market and with proper care will not damage your natural locks. 


There's obviously and definitely some extra weight back there that takes some getting used to. That being said they never actually feel 'heavy' or that they're pulling or weighing me down.


Yes! The tape is invisible and flexible - they've also hidden them so well I have no problems doing the most adorable high ponies! That's actually been my go-to hair style since getting them done - so cute with all those locks!


The set I got was 16" long which was definitely long enough for me! The 16" were $875, you can also get 12" or I believe 18" but I'm not too sure on the pricing of those. I think I could have almost done with the 12" to make it a bit more budget friendly. 

Also, after the 8 weeks when it's time to have them re-taped this costs around $200.

Honestly, it seems like a big number at first, but if you think about it, it's just the initial cost of the hair and that will last you a year or maybe more and then the re-tape fee is even less than a usual salon visit. It's definitely a treat-yo-self type situation but I definitely think it is worth it. Put a little away every week so you can go all out - you won't regret it.



Wednesday, 16 August 2017

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GladeAtmosphere #CollectiveBias

Many of you know that I recently aquired a new office space, before that, I worked from home every day. Now, I go into the office maybe 2-3 times a week and the rest of my days are again spent working from home. Having a home office can be a blessing and a curse - you’re in the same space all day and all night, and mainly by yourself. It can be difficult to keep motivated and inspired. I wanted to share with you five ways I’ve learned to keep my space fresh and inspiring when I’m working from home.


1. Keep your space clutter free and organized.
There’s nothing that gives me more stress and anxiety than a clutter-filled and disorganized space. Keeping not only my work space but my home in general organized and with as little ‘things’ as possible allows me to have a fresh and relaxed environment, free to let my creativity flow!

2. Inspiration boards.
No not Pinterest, I’m talking good old fashioned magazine clippings, fabric swatches, inspirational quotes, things that make your heart happy. Pick up a cork board and start creating an inspiring pin board that makes you want to jump right in. Hang it somewhere you’ll see it everyday for a constant reminder of your personal brand and what inspires you.

3. Put what you love and what you’re working on front and centre.
For me, being a clothing designer, I keep a clothing rack next to my desk so I can hang any pieces I’m working on, or just pieces that I love and that inspire me. If I’m working on blog content, I will hang any new pieces I’ve acquired to keep them top of mind when content planning. Having these items front and centre help me to stay focused and motivated on my latest projects.

4. Post your weekly/monthly/yearly goals.
It’s so important to have what you want and where you’re going top of mind. I like to write out my goals, whether it’s something I’m working on for the week, the month, or the year, and post it somewhere I will see it everyday - for me that’s my desktop, but you could post it on a mirror or wherever will help to keep it top of mind.

5. Pick up a fresh inviting scent.
There’s just something about working away with a candle burning that I just love! It makes my space feel that much more inviting and cozy. I picked up a couple new scents from The Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade® - N°1 Enraptured – Jasmine and Cedarwood and N°2 Bright – Sweet Pea and Pear. They both smell amazing and allow me to switch up my scent depending on my mood, the Jasmine and Cedarwood is enchanting and perfect for hubby, whereas the Sweet Pea and Pear is perfectly sweet and gorgeous on a spring/summer day. You can also save $1.00 when you buy any one Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ product at any Kroger stores so it’s the perfect time to refresh your space with a new scent!