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London Calling Part 1 //

Cheerio love! Oh what a dream it is to look back at these photos and reminisce about our completely lovely time in London town. Let me start off by saying that both Danny and I really didn't know what to expect when we booked two flights to London. We knew that London was the home of Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace, we also knew that 101 Dalmatians was based there, but that's about it. Danny was sceptical of going to London, however, he was also sceptical of going to Paris and Disneyland when we went.. so really... However, as soon as we touched down in Heathrow airport we both fell head over heels for this beautiful city. 

Our first day in London we spent perusing around Notting Hill (where we stayed) and checking out the local shops and restaurants. While walking through the town we stumbled upon the most delicious brunch spot - Granger and co. We had seen customers lined up out the door and decided to join them! The line moves quickly and it's definitely worth the wait. If you go you must have the scrambled eggs, they are unlike any scrambled eggs I've ever had and are to die for! 

We then made our way down to the Portobello market - a fabulous street filled with antiques, art, yummy food, and much more. We browsed through antiques, sipped coffee, and satisfied our sweet tooth with the most wonderful (and biggest) strawberry doughnut I ever did see. After stopping in at the famous Notting Hill book shop, we made our way into the heart of London, stopping to feed the gorgeous swans along the way. 

The next day we met up with the oh so lovely Briony from a girl a style. Briony and I had met (via the internet of course) years ago when both of us first started our blogs. We have been following each other on instagram and twitter since and when Danny and I had decided on London for our honeymoon probably one of the first things I did was email Briony to meet for tea. We met up at Ladurée in covent gardens which was a dream (if you're wanting to make a visit to Ladurée while in London do not go to the Harrods location.. it's not nearly as whimsical). Briony was just as sugar sweet in person as I knew she'd be and we had a wonderful time sipping rose tea and nibbling on orange blossom macarons. Covent gardens is a gorgeous square full of wonderful shops and restaurants and fabulous street theatrics, definitely worth a visit! 

We ended our day with a trip around the London eye and a delicious Sunday roast (something we don't have in Canada and were told to try). I was just starting to come down with a cold this day so the warm roast dinner was just what I needed to comfort my sore throat. We had decided on Wetherspoons for dinner (which we were told to avoid), it is a chain restaurant, however, I thought the food was delicious!! They also have daily deals where you can get a meal and a drink for 8 GBPs - probably the cheapest you'll get in London! It was the perfect end to our second day in London. 

Stay tuned for part two coming next week! 



Let's Go Honeymooning //

Oh Em Gee I cannot believe my honeymoon is just over a month away!!!! Time has just been flying this past year, but couldn't be happier to become a Mrs., say 'I Do' to the man of my dreams, and jet set off to London and Greece! Of all things in this world, travelling the globe, submerging myself into a new culture, and obviously drinking lots and lots of wine while I'm there is my absolute favourite. This look is perfect for biking, picnicking, sight seeing, wine sipping - really everything 'honeymoon'!



My Top MAC Lippies

I don't know if it's because of the warmer weather we've been having or if it's just me feeling a little more adventurous but lately I have been obsessed with switching up my lip colour. Of course I simply adore a good nude (especially with a bronzed smoky eye) and up until a few weeks ago my all time favourite nude was Myth. I've seriously worn this shade since I was 16 (and it's so hilarious because the only reason I bought it was because Hilary Duff wore it LOL). It's such a standard in my purse that when my friends and I go out they just have to put out their hand and say 'myth'. Then, when I was in San Diego I picked up creme d'nude and OMG, it's amazing. It's a bit softer than myth and a bit less saturated which I really like because in all honestly if you put on too much myth you can end up looking like you're wearing concealer on your lips. Along with a good nude, I love a good red and ruby woo is one of my favourites. Ruby woo is super saturated with such a deep gorgeous red colour and it looks so gorgeous with a simple winged out eye. I've also recently discovered please me, thanks to my bridal makeup trial and I'm in loooove. This colour is the perfect soft pink that can easily be taken from day to night. Lastly candy yumyum, I seriously can't get enough of this lipstick! When you think 'pop of pink lips' boy oh boy is this ever it! It's super bright but surprisingly versatile. I've worn this shade with a bronzed look, a smokey eye, a simple eye, the list goes on. I can't express enough how much I love this shade and even though it looks a little intense you must give it a try! It's so much fun switching up your look and a new lip shade is the perfect way to do so! Which is your favourite mac lippy? 

Get all these gorgeous Mac shades HERE



Poolside //

I can't believe that I leave for San Diego TOMORROW! I am so excited to have some fun in the sun with my two sisters. I haven't had a chance to explore San Diego too much, however, my one sister, Joelle, has been there plenty of times and knows all the wonderful places to go so I'm very excited. Above all I can't wait to escape reality if only for a few days and lounge poolside with a cool cocktail and a good book. I am loving this poolside look featuring a piece from our summer collection - the Sunnies Cropped Tank! So perfect for throwing over your bathing suit when headed to the pool or the beach! 



When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time? //

Dress: ASOS, Shirt: H&M (similar), Purse: Tory Burch (similar), Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Shoes: Keds

Hello and happy Tuesday!! I am SO excited to share with you my first ever outfit post! I have always wanted to do an outfit post but with me getting super nervous in front of the lens and my fear of taking photos in public places - it never really happened. Well, on Saturday I decided to just go for it! My fiancé and I headed downtown to search for a cool spot and take some snaps, and oh my goodness, I had so much fun! Keep in mind I am SUPER new at this and really don't know what I'm doing just yet, but I really hope you like the post! And please if you have any tips or pieces of advice for future outfit posts please let me know! Enjoy! 



Playsuits For Spring //

I could just go on and on about my love for a good spring playsuit. Playsuits/rompers are such an easy and comfortable option for those breezy spring days. With my bridesmaids and I jetting off to Vegas next month I plan on packing a few of these to try and beat the heat and look oh so chic at the same time. I also love the thought of taking these playsuits from day to night, they can easily be dressed down with some sandals and a fun sun hat, or dressed up with heels and lots of pretty jewels. 


Please Read //

Hi friends, if you follow me on twitter you may have already seen my very angry tweets towards a certain Seattle hotel. As much as I hate clogging your feed and being so very angry in general, I feel like something must be done. Let me rewind for a second.. About a month ago my sister and her fiancé were planning to spend a lovely weekend together in Seattle to do a little touring and spend some quality time together. Joelle and Jose were obviously beyond excited to escape reality if only for a few days and be tourists across the border. They booked their room at the Silver Cloud Inn, the Seattle Stadium location, little did they realize what a nightmare their trip would become.. Here's the story, it's a long one, but I encourage you to read through.. 

"The story begins when my fiancé and I were apartment hunting on a weekend getaway to Seattle. We were so excited to get away with one another and knew we were in for a wonderful weekend, or so we thought. After a few days of being at the hotel we received a phone call informing us that the hotel had found one of our computer bags in the trash.. how strange? We wondered what might have happened and we immediately returned to the hotel to make sense of the situation. We spoke to the front desk manager who walks us up to our room to confirm that we had in fact been broken into. We were told to wait in the room until the police came. The General Manager had also been called and would speak to us upon his arrival. We were left in our room for over an hour without anyone from the hotel staff coming asking if there was anything they could do for us. When the GM finally arrived, he informs us that he is reviewing the video, but that only a few places have video cameras (i.e., lobby, bar, etc) – no cameras are located on each floor near the elevators. The GM then hands me a few sheets of paper so that we could gather our thoughts and list the items that were stolen. I felt sick to my stomach, these were our belongings, this is a hotel, our room was under lock and key, how could this happen? As sick as it made the both of us, we began putting our list together.. 
-computer case
As we put the list together we quickly started to realize that everything was gone.. just gone. With a few days remaining in our trip what were we going to do? I now had not even a jacket to wear in the winter Seattle weather, not even a passport to prove our citizenship, not even mascara to use before our dinner we were to head to that evening. And again we found ourselves asking, how could this happen? Our room was under lock and key, no windows left open or unlocked, how could this happen? 
Shortly thereafter, the Seattle Police Officers arrive and take a statement from us. Both officers quickly informed us that hotel staff and management were not cooperating with the case, strange, we both wondered why? They informed us that the suspects had been caught on camera and would be requesting the video from the hotel as evidence. They also informed us that the key used to access our hotel room was the master key that was stolen a couple of days ago.. The master key? How was it stolen? Didn't someone know? Why wasn't anything done?.. We then found out that the master key had intact been stolen three days prior and that hotel management had known and failed to deactivate the key. WHAT?!?! So this key had been stolen for THREE WHOLE DAYS without hotel staff deactivating and terminating it? At this point we really started to feel sick, as we knew how preventable this whole mess was. 
At this point both Jose and I were devastated. Everything was gone. We knew we would never be able to stay another night at this hotel, we knew we'd never feel safe. We spoke with hotel management and they agreed to send us to another a hotel. We then asked if we would have any compensation for our basic necessities. How would be comb our hair? Brush our teeth? He agreed to fully compensate us for any stolen makeup and toiletries, he told us to go out and buy what we needed for the weekend, I warned him that the makeup I use is definitely on the more pricey side, he joked saying 'believe me I know my wife' and sent us on our way. We then email the receipts for our makeup and toiletries over to the hotel as promised and waited for a response with how we would be reimbursed. The hotel manager then responded saying that he 'never promised to replace the makeup'. What?! Now I was not only out the cost of the makeup that was stolen, but the cost of buying a whole new kit as well.. as if I could have felt any sicker.. 
We eventually receive another email reply from the GM saying that we have to file a claim with our insurance company to receive compensation for our stolen items.
Under Washington law, it does state that the hotel is liable for up to $300 for stolen property due to a rogue housekeeper. However, if negligence was determined, then they are responsible for compensation of ALL stolen items. The two suspects that stole our items were not employees. They were able to access the hotel at their convenience, steal the master key, and return days later to break into our hotel room. I continue to ask myself how that is not considered negligence.
Roughly three weeks later, I heard from the GM (Bill) to inform me that the hotels insurance agent would be calling me to discuss the way forward. He did in fact call me roughly 30 minutes after Bill to inform me that he was working the case, but had to review certain information. He states that it might just well turn out to be that the most they can compensate us is $300 for all our stolen items. I have asked Bill (GM) for his supervisors contact information twice and has yet to respond. I have called him multiple times and have gotten sent straight to voicemail and my emails have gone unanswered. 
I will continue to post this on yelp and any other social media website until someone from corporate management contacts me. I’m only asking for them to replace the items that were stolen due to their negligence and for them as a business to do right by their customers."

I know it was a long story and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read through. Now here's what we're hoping you'll do.. Join us in trying to right this wrong. Join the conversation on twitter, tell your friends, post on Facebook, Instagram, wherever you can! Get the word out there on what this hotel has done and what they refuse to correct. You can follow me on twitter by clicking HERE, I will be tweeting all day everyday until justice is served, and I encourage you to join in. 
You can also find the Silver Cloud Inn - Seattle Stadium location on twitter HERE, and on Facebook HERE, again I encourage you to tweet them, write on their wall, do whatever it takes! 
I can't thank you all enough for your help and I will be sure to keep you updated along the way!