Tuesday, 30 May 2017

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At this point I'm sure you all know my little fluff ball Gigi, who I wrote about here, and who I am constantly posting to my instagram stories. Gigi is our little fur baby and I don't think it would be possible to love her more. We've had Gigi since October and have loved nothing more than having this little pup in our lives, she brings us so much joy so we are always striving to make her the happiest we can and treat her to some of her favourite things whether that's a trip to the doggie park, a  nice long walk, or a visit to Petsmart to pick up a new toy, or her favourite treats.

1. Gigi's day always starts with breakfast, we recently picked up the new Purina One Smart Blend and she absolutely loves it! She is so funny, she'll eat it all and always after every meal has a little burp and I die everytime. 

2. After breakfast we take Geeg on her first walk of the day where she almost always tries to drag us to the doggie park. 

3. After that, it's time to pack Gigi's waterbowl and bed and head to the office! Gigi used to hate long rides in the car but now that the weather is nice she lives for sticking her head out the window and feeling the wind in her fur - you should see the peoples faces as we drive by!
When I made the move out of my home office to an actual space in the city, one of my biggest concerns was being able to bring Gigi. Thankfully everyone in the space was open to it and she even has a friend to play with as two of the guys have a little Boston Terrier named Lulu so it worked out wonderfully! Gigi and Lulu are the resident office pups and they are two of the sweetest girls, so we're always sure to keep the cupboards stocked with some of their favourite treats including Purina® Beggin’ which they go crazy for! Gigi will play with Lulu for most of the day and sneak through the back hallways into the other offices to visit with the other tenants. We also get shoppers and visitors at the space and Gigi loves greeting them and immediately rolling onto her back for belly rubs.

4. After work Gigi and I head home where she has her dinner, nighttime walk, and waits patiently for Danny to get home and give her lots of love. 

Our little Geeg is so full of love and we are definitely guilty of spoiling her here and there (I mean, look at that face!). You can treat your pet too because for the month of June, when you spend $40 on Purina products at Petsmart, you will receive a free $10 Petsmart giftcard! Perfect for stocking up on your pets favourite food and treats, and even throwing in a fun new toy! For more information, and to redeem your gift card click HERE, you will be able to upload your receipt until July 9th 2017.



Thursday, 25 May 2017

I used to never want to invest in Danny and I's apartment. I always felt that since we were renting there was no point in putting that much effort into decor etc. However, lately I have come to the conclusion that I am SO wrong. Even though we are renting and it was only supposed to be a temporary thing until we bought a house (que insane housing market surge) now we're nearing two years here! I've decided it's better to invest in where you live and really make it your home because you can always take your belongings with you and incorporate them into your new space. 

That being said, we recently switched up our old dingy faucet for the new Huntley Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet by American Standard which we picked up at Home Depot. You wouldn't think a new faucet would be as life changing as it is! The design is so sleek and the water pressure and options are so smooth! I love how you can adjust the spray settings and it even has a mister!!! Perfect for fresh flowers or herbs. It also has a detachable head for those items that don't quite fit under the faucet (like Gigi). It's crazy how the slightest change can switch up your space's whole vibe. You know when you get something new and you just want to reorganize and refresh to make room for your new glorious item? That's how I feel about our new faucet (ahh the little things in life), so excuse me while I clean and reorganize my whole kitchen! 


Thank you to Home Depot for partnering on this post.


Friday, 19 May 2017

It’s National Pizza Party Day!! What better excuse to grab your best babes, a bottle of rose and have a good old fashioned pizza party?! There’s nothing I love more than cozying up on a Friday night and indulging in some serious wine and comfort food. Now you can indulge guilt free thanks to Panago’s new #QualityWorthSharing initiative - 100% Organic Italian tomato sauce made from organic vine-ripened tomatoes, herbs and spices, as well as ham, Italian sausage, pepperoni and salami made from pork raised without the use of antibiotics. 

Ordering Panago on a Friday night is so nostalgic to me, growing up Panago was my parents’ go-to for a weekend treat for me and my sister- there was nothing like my Dad coming home from work with his arms full of Panago Pizza boxes! Now that I’m older and needless to say, a little more health conscious than my ten year old self, it’s nice to know that there’s a healthier version of my favourite guilty pleasure! Their dough is also made fresh in store daily with 100% Canadian wheat and no artificial colours or flavours, so hellooooo pizza night! 

Last weekend I grabbed my blogging bestie Sydney and we had the ultimate girls night in with pizzas, salads, wine, and of course some good movies! It was such a fun day and the perfect way to catch up.

 Happy #NationalPizzaPartyDay!


Thank you to Panago for partnering on this post.


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

photo c/o Alexa Suter

MACCS the label being an online brand, I often throw one or two day pop-up shops so local girls can come shop the latest pieces and get a sense of the fabrics and sizing without the worry of placing an order online! It's always a fun time and it's a great way of introducing both myself and the brand to all the Vancouver babes! I thought I would show you a little glimpse into our latest pop-up/media night and tell you a bit about how I plan for a pop up shop.

A couple of weeks ago myself alongside Elpidio Trading and Stil Classics hosted a media night / pop up shop to showcase our new co-working space (which I wrote a bit about here).

We kept things fresh and simple because we really wanted to highlight each of our brands. So we offered crisp bubbles, yummy treats from Hugo's Churros and Vital Supply Co. as well as brought in some gorgeous blooms from Flower Factory and that was it! It was a great night and not stressing too much over the details really helped for us to relax and enjoy the night with the focus being on our brands and the space.


Whenever I'm beginning to plan a pop up shop I always think of what the theme will be. I like to make each one a bit different to make each shop exciting and new for the girls that attend. I've done Spring Flings with flower selfie walls, lemon water, and greenery. I've also done an Autumn comfort pop up shop with comfort food, candles, and cozy sweaters. It's always fun switching each shop up and doing something a little different each time.


Once you have your theme you can start thinking about spaces that will compliment that. There are of course local spaces that are available for rent for the day or week, whatever you need, however, I am a big advocate of finding a space that will contain those four amazing letters - FREE! I love finding fun businesses to partner with to use their space because it will A. allow me a space to host my pop up shop and B. help bring awareness and customers to both myself and the business I partner with! I've partnered with juiceries, flower shops, and even cafés! I find this a great way of going about things because it's always mutually beneficial. If you do happen to go the space rental route where there is a cost, try to find some other businesses that are along the same vibes as you that you can bring in and share the expense!


Plan out exactly how you're going to execute your shop. Say you decide on a boho summer nights party, what does that look like? What will guests eat, or drink? Will there be flowers? What type of decor? Plan it all so that there are no surprises and you can make sure everything will fit in with your budget.


Now that you have all your details planned out and you know exactly what you're going to do, try to find some amazing local vendors to help with the details! For the most part, local businesses are more than willing to work together to make your night come together! Research some of your favorite local caterers, bakeries, wineries, florists etc. and send off an email letting them know what you're doing and you'll find more often than not they're willing to work together and work within your budget. I've also offered an exchange for product before which is even better and that way we can both promote each other! 


 It's always great to offer some fun added benefits for your babes coming out to shop and support you! Offering some extra goodies will also help to drive more people to your shop! This could be as simple as a gift bag for the first few customers, or I've even done a cookie bar where they can take cookies home, I've also brought in a calligraphy artist to create custom prints for my guests. Create something fun and exciting to make your target want to come check out your new cool items! 


Pop up shops are super fun and it's amazing coming up with all your fun and cool ideas, however, probably the most important thing is to make a budget and stick to it! The bottom line of hosting a pop up shop (other than brand awareness) is of course to make money! So if your budget is $100, stick to that and make the most of it. There are ways of sticking to your budget - cut out unnecessary things, buy and return decor, offer product in exchange for supplies/services. Keep your budget in mind throughout the whole process and keep track of expenses to help keep you on track! 

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you have any questions or want to share your pop up shop successes with me I would love to hear!



Monday, 8 May 2017

Trench: c/o Le Château | Shorts: One Teaspoon | Bag: Gucci | Bracelet: c/o Le Château Shoes: c/o Le Château

This has to be one of my favorite warm weather looks - a long lightweight trench or cardi paired with destroyed denim cut-offs - It's so easy and effortless yet super chic. I love this option from Le Château that can easily transition from season to season.