Sunday, 3 September 2017

Last weekend Danny and I got together with some of our favorite people to have a good old fashioned barbecue and watch the fights (let's be honest the fight was just background noise while I caught up with my girlfriends). Lately Danny and I have been talking a lot about how important it is that we both make time to see our friends. With life being as crazy as it is, we can sometimes put our friends on the back burner, and that's 1. not cool, and 2. not healthy. It's super important for both of us to have balance both within our own lives and our marriage. We talked about making our friends more of a priority and making time to see and connect with them. When our good friends asked us to come over for a BBQ we obviously cleared our schedules! What better way to reconnect with friends than over some cold bevs. I'm always torn with what to bring to a get together but thought Smirnoff Ice would be an easy crowd pleaser. Especially the NEW Smirnoff Ice Party Packs - four flavours and in cans to make for the perfect ready to drink bev for long weekend BBQs and lawn games.

We spent the day playing croquet until the sun went down then moved the party inside to watch some of the pre-matches and of course the main event. We ended up staying there until 2AM listening to throwback tunes and dancing the night away. All of our friends rolled in as the night went on - so much fun. We haven't all hung out in so long so it was awesome to see everyone. We of course woke up super tired and poor Danny had to work the next day but it was worth it - now we have the memories of spending the fight of the century with our favourite people. 

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