Tuesday, 15 August 2017

I am SO excited about these gorgeous new playsuits from my line - MACCS the label. You can check out the white HERE, and the black HERE. I really wanted to make a lace playsuit and I loved the idea of having a fully covered chest and an adorable cap sleeve. This piece was definitely a labour of love but it turned out exactly as I wanted. 

Fashion is such a seemingly glamorous industry - people don't usually realize what goes on behind the scenes to create the pieces you see and wear. I wanted to share a bit of insight into my design process and the steps I make to create a new MACCS the label piece. 

Usually when I'm wanting to create a piece it's because of exactly that.. I want it! I've either had an idea in my head or pulled inspiration from pieces/items I've seen in my travels. If I have a rough idea as to what I want, I will start to pin images of colours, prints, details - anything I can to help pull the idea together. If I can't find images of what I'm wanting I will roughly sketch it out. For this particular piece, of course I had seen tons and tons of lace playsuits, however, I wanted one that was sexy yet slightly reserved, something girls could wear to bridal showers, brunches, date nights etc. Back when I was getting married and had my bridal shower, I no joke wanted something exactly like this and couldn't find it anywhere. I remember wanting something feminine and fun with a cap sleeve and I knew I wanted it to be a playsuit - so this is essentially that dream coming to fruition.

Once I have all my ideas and details together, I will send everything over to my manufacturer - they are pretty good at taking my direction and running with it and will often come back with questions to solidify the first sample. Once the first sample it made, it gets sent to me for inspection and revision. For this particular piece, we went through probably five different samples, because we couldn't quite get the fit right. My good friend Brit recently joined my team and now helps with design and sales, we would have meetings at Cactus Club and I would bring the new lace playsuit sample and we would pin and make alterations in the Cactus Club bathroom lol! With every new sample there was a new adjustment and everytime we thought we had it, we didn't. Finally, after almost pulling all my air out, we were able to get the fit we wanted and the piece went into production. 

One thing I've learned in this industry is that things take FOREVER. Something you think is going to have a super quick turnaround ends up taking weeks and weeks longer. This piece was scheduled to come out in March, and here we are, better late than never right?! What's nice about most of our pieces is that they can transition from season to season so this piece will be great on it's own for the end of summer, add a cardi and boots for fall, and wear it for holiday parties in winter!

MACCS is definitely not like many other fashion lines, and we for sure break most of the 'rules' when it comes to putting a line together. Instead of having pieces planned over a year in advance and putting together huge collections, we make pieces as the season goes along, one, two, or three pieces at a time. This is a big no no in the industry, however I find it works for us, because this way we can continuously offer fresh pieces to our stockists, also I don't stress myself out with trying to get inspired for something years ahead. I find when I create a piece, I'm so incredibly excited about it and it's awesome to be able to launch it right away.

I hope you guys love the new playsuit! As always, feel free to email me with any questions.

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