Friday, 16 June 2017

Whenever Danny and I head on vacation, a comfy airport look is always a must. We have always been huge vans of Native and find they really are the best shoes for travelling, as I've mentioned before here. We recently picked up a couple new pairs for our vacation and I am in love with their new clay pink colour options, which I'm wearing above! I wore my natives yesterday for a grand total of 9 hours travelling to get to Mexico and they were a dream - super lightweight and breathable. They're also nice and lite so they won't weigh your luggage down after. I also packed the Jeffersons which will be perfect for exploring Mexico in!

After spending 7 hours on planes yesterday, I wanted to share my top 5 in-flight must haves for a smooth, comfortable in-flight experience.

1. Comfy shoes.
Obviously comfy shoes are a must for any travel. You'll be running around but also sitting for long periods of time. My feet always swell when I travel so it's essential for me to have comfy shoes that will allow for circulation and breath.

2. An external iPhone charge.

Often times I just assume the plane will have outlets so you can charge your computer or iPhone on the go, so it's never a big deal if my phone is dying because I know I can just charge it on the plane. Yesterday we weren't so fortunate, no outlets on the first or second flight! Thank goodness for my extra battery pack which was able to give both myself and Danny a bit of an extra charge to allow us to listen to music and play some games in flight.

3. A laptop or iPad with a pre-loaded movie.

Along with the assumption of outlets on the plane, I often assume there will be in-flight entertainment. Again in yesterday's experience this was not the case. What I would have done to have a movie loaded and ready to go on one of our devices. 

4. A good face mask.

The recycled air in airplanes always leaves my skin feeling suuuper dry and looking super tired. I love bringing a good 15 minute face mask with me to pop on mid-flight. You may look like a psychopath but you'll land with fresh glowing skin!

5. A cozy cardigan.

Even if I'm flying to a hot destination like Mexico, I always bring a comfy cardigan so I can wrap myself up when the plane gets a little chilly. It can also double as a blanket for Danny and I to snuggle up and watch a movie with.



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