Thursday, 25 May 2017

I used to never want to invest in Danny and I's apartment. I always felt that since we were renting there was no point in putting that much effort into decor etc. However, lately I have come to the conclusion that I am SO wrong. Even though we are renting and it was only supposed to be a temporary thing until we bought a house (que insane housing market surge) now we're nearing two years here! I've decided it's better to invest in where you live and really make it your home because you can always take your belongings with you and incorporate them into your new space. 

That being said, we recently switched up our old dingy faucet for the new Huntley Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet by American Standard which we picked up at Home Depot. You wouldn't think a new faucet would be as life changing as it is! The design is so sleek and the water pressure and options are so smooth! I love how you can adjust the spray settings and it even has a mister!!! Perfect for fresh flowers or herbs. It also has a detachable head for those items that don't quite fit under the faucet (like Gigi). It's crazy how the slightest change can switch up your space's whole vibe. You know when you get something new and you just want to reorganize and refresh to make room for your new glorious item? That's how I feel about our new faucet (ahh the little things in life), so excuse me while I clean and reorganize my whole kitchen! 


Thank you to Home Depot for partnering on this post.


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