Thursday, 2 March 2017

ready for take off!

we spent our first few days visiting family, browsing downtown Cuernavaca, and strolling through markets. Danny always seems to think the market is unsafe but I have never felt scared and I love visiting when I come to Cuernavaca because it is so busy and bustling and full of local goods, fresh fruit, leather, Mexican candy, and amazing boots and sandals!

A local restaurant you must visit is one of our good friends' called Fonda La Güera (pictured above). If you want authentic Mexican food this is it, they also have three locations, the food is beyond delicious and it's super budget friendly. Some other restaurant recos would be:

- House Café + Lounge: amazing cocktails, brunch, atmosphere
- Aguachil: delicious fresh seafood, super cheap, amazing chamoy michelada (beer/spice cocktail)
- Hacienda De Cortes: honestly the food isn't good and it's expensive, but go and have a glass of wine and take in the stunningly gorgeous scenery of this old Hacienda
- Casa Hidalgo: we actually didn't get a chance to visit this time but it overlooks the whole castle in downtown Cuernavaca and it's stunning at night

brunch at House Café + Lounge, I had the french toast and Danny had the egg, chorizo, avocado toast.

downtown Cuernavaca

The tamarind popsicle + prosecco cocktail at House.

the streets are riddled with colourful walls and gorgeous architecture, I literally wanted to stop at every single one #instagramdreams 

Mexico is so romantic and there's always someone selling fresh roses

the most delicious cajeta + macadamia nut ice cream from an ice cream shop that's over 70 years old called Nevería Roxy.

Our time in Mexico City and Cuernavaca is almost always filled with visiting friends and family so we didn't get too much of a chance to tour around but we had an amazing time and managed to fit in all of our favourite things. I also was able to meet so many more members of Danny's family which was so fun. It's always such a wonderful time visiting, we can't wait to go back!

If you are going for the first time here are some recos:

- visit the Hacienda de Cortez and get massaged in their open roof rooms
- stay a night or two at House Café + Lounge which is actually also a B&B: super stunning and not as expensive as you would think
- take an open roof bus tour of downtown Cuernavaca to get a better idea of the history
- visit downtown Cuernavaca, explore the castle and just take in the hustle and bustle of the busy square
- visit the Adolfo López Mateos market: it can get a little crazy so dress down and go with a friend or a local
- go shopping at Galerias: locals might not suggest it but I always love going to Galerias when I visit Cuernavaca, it's the local mall and has all my favourites - Bershka, Pull & Bear, and Oysho!



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