Friday, 15 January 2016

I am SO excited to share with you my lovely sister's new business - CMACC meals! Healthy and oh so yummy prepped meals delivered right to your door. Being self employed I find myself constantly running around trying to complete every task and sometimes my meals get put on the back burner. When I do have time to whip something up I almost always end up eating it at my desk while I'm answering emails or catching up on more work. For the past week I've been stocking up on these delicious meals (seriously you have to try the samurai ginger bowl) and keeping them even just to have for my lunch. It makes life just that much easier knowing my lunch is going to be healthy and ready to go just steps away in my fridge. 

Carissa has always been a health nut and now she's able to take the recipes/tips & tricks she's learned and pass them onto you. Everytime I would come over she was always sautéing up some sort of healthy meal and I was always jealous I didn't have the imagination she did to dream up these yummy yet healthy dishes!

Also you can save 10% on your first CMACC meals order when you use code: cmacclovesu

Happy eating! 



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