Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Miss Bria of Digital Darlings' two day photoshop bootcamp in Vancouver. 
For two days we went through a crash course learning everything from the basics to tips and tricks to edit like a pro! I had always wanted to attend Bria's course and was thrilled when the opportunity finally came up to attend her class. Photoshop is such a key tool for any blogger or business owner - it can take your site/branding/marketing from 0 to 100 real quick. Post class I've already put my new skills to work aiding in the growth of both my blog and two online shops. I think one of the biggest take aways for me was learning how to create a GIF through photoshop. Before the class I was paying a monthly fee to a website that creates (low quality) GIFS, one of the first things I did post class was cancelled that subscription lol! I can now use my creativity and skills to create fab GIFS for all of my sites, like this one I created for MACCS

Aside from becoming a photoshop wiz, you also get to fuel up on a delicious lunch by Boy With A Knife Catering during which you'll hear things like 'I don't normally go for seconds' or 'this is vegan?!'. It was so nice to spend a weekend in the city surrounded by creative minds all learning together. We were all at different stages in our careers, different industries, and learned at different paces, but Bria was so amazing in ensuring we were all on the right track and any questions we had were answered in detail. To sign up for her May class and to snag an early discount visit Digital Darlings HERE!



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