Cake For Breakfast Valentines Shoot //

Monday, 26 January 2015

I am so excited to introduce to you not only our new sweet little heart tee but Cake For Breakfast bébé as well! I have been wanting to do children's tees for some time now and thought what better time than Valentines to launch it! Now moms can match their CFB tee with their sweet babes - so adorable! I had so much fun shooting the new tees with these little munchkins (my niece and nephew). It took a lot of bribing and some heart shaped suckers but we did it! 



  1. Oh my…obsessed!! I love your outfit…I definitely need that shirt…where is your coat from? Adorable!!

  2. SO super cute! I have a mini-me so this is dangerous territory, here! LOL Thanks so much for sharing! XO