Springtime Sunnies //

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

This morning I had to go with Danny(oh yes, you'll probably hear of him lots, he's my darling boyfriend with whom I live) to pick up some supplies for his company. I dropped him off, hopped around to the front seat and was on my way. However, in that moment that I stepped outside I had a wonderful 'ah hah' moment, if you've never had an 'ah hah' moment, it's wonderful, and I'm sure you will soon. Either way, in that single moment, the sun was shining(a rarity in Vancouver), the birds were chirping(another rarity), and for that single moment I was happy and peaceful. It was a moment of bliss and it gave me a sense of excitement that Spring is just around the corner. Seeing as sun is so rare in our city, this Spring I will be taking every opportunity to shield my eyes with the perfect pair of sunnies. Numbers two and three are sunnies that I currently own and love dearly, one and four are on the wish list. 

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful Tuesday.

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